Thursday, July 31, 2014

King Rotary Cutter & OLFA Giveaway!

OLFA Celebration & Giveaway!

This year Olfa is celebrating the 35th year anniversary of the invention of the rotary cutter. I definitely want to help celebrate that because I can almost guarantee that I would not be a quilter if I had to use scissors to cut out all my patchwork pieces!  Remember this Stars of Valor quilt I made? Yea, I pieced together 525 two and a half inch square units to make the quilt top. Don't ask me how much cutting was involved. You can see for yourself here

To help celebrate my friends at Olfa asked me to contribute a quilt block for the commemorative anniversary quilt that will be displayed at the International Quilt Market in Houston, TX this Fall. 

The block needs to be 6.5" x 6.5".  I came up with something I think makes perfect sense for celebrating the invention of the rotary cutter. An appliqued quilt block "crowning" king rotary cutter! Isn't it cute??

The rotary cutter I used for inspiration is my OLFA Splash. 

Fused applique pieces to quilt block.
I drew and cut out all the applique pieces by hand (except the crown) using this new product I hadn't tried before. I was quite happy with it. Easy to use. For the crown I use my handy dandy Brother ScanNCut. It has several built in crown options and I just set it to cut out the size I needed for this little project. After fusing the pieces into place I then zig zag stitched around each piece to secure them all down and I even used a gold metallic thread around the crown for an extra pop of bling.

Machine appliqueing the pieces down to secure them.
The finished block!
I'm mailing that block off today and in the meantime let's have some fun with a giveaway! Olfa is offering up a goody package to one lucky winner that includes a small cutting mat and rotary cutter. See the Rafflecopter widget below for details on how you can enter to win. Good luck!

{p.s.- You can learn more about fusible machine applique with my step-by-step video tutorial by clicking HERE. }

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Boho Shoulder Bag Online Class & SALE!

My friend Jen over at SewFun is offering a fun summer sale on patterns right now! When you use discount code "CRAFTYG" you will get 50% off all Sew Fun patterns! If you recall from a previous post she is the genius designer behind the Boho Shoulder Bag.  I teamed up with her to offer an online class where I teach you how to make the fun, reversible bag from start to finish using her pattern.  I've made three of these bags and take them with me everywhere- library, beach, play dates, vacations, weekend trips, sewing workshops, farmer's market, etc. It's roomy, comfortable to wear and is my everyday bag these days. Did I mention it's reversible?! Yea. Love it.

You can purchase the pattern in two formats:
1) hard copy where she mails you the actual tissue pattern (shipping fee applies) or
2) the print-at-home PDF version. {FYI- If you're intimidated by buying a printable pattern and don't know how to put the pages together, no worries! I show you how to put all the printed pages together to create the full pattern in my online class.}

The regular pattern price is $7.95 but when you use the discount code: CRAFTYG you get 50% off so it comes out to just $3.97!  And yes, that discount applies to both the hard copy pattern and the downloadable version. Super cool, right?! So what ya' waiting for?

Click here to get the Boho Shoulder Bag pattern!

After you have your pattern you can signup for my online class and I'll teach you how to put the whole thing together from start to finish. Watch the class trailer video here. For just $15, my online class includes password protected access to 12 hi-definition video lessons that never expire and you can watch them anywhere in the world with internet access! {Note: The bag pattern and online class must be purchased separately.}

To sign up for my online class :

Click HERE to register. {If you prefer to use PayPal click HERE.}

Summer is not quite over yet so you still have plenty of time to whip one up for any trips you have planned. I wish I would have had one of these when I was in college! This is great for all ages and my favorite part about the bag is that it is worn cross body (but doesn't have to be!) so I can have both arms free while I run around with two preschoolers! It's great for going shopping, running errands, going to the farmer's market, etc. Once you make one you will want to make more for your friends/family. Give it a try!

To purchase the pattern click HERE and remember to use discount code "CRAFTYG" for your 50% discount!

To sign up for my online class :

• Click HERE to register. {If you prefer to use PayPal click HERE.}

Here is the video trailer for my online class so you see what it's all about:

 {P.S.- Remember that CRAFTYG discount code applies to all of Jen's Sew Fun patterns not just the Boho Shoulder Bag! So have a look around and see what other projects you want to try. Visit her online shop here.}
Online Sewing Class

Online Sewing Class

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Crochet Basics: Slip Knot & Chain Stitch

The next video in my new How to Crochet Video Series is now live!  In this tutorial I show you how I like to hold the crochet hook and yarn and my suggestions on how you can get comfortable with this. Keep in mind everyone crochets a little differently and you need to work out what works best for you, feels comfortable and still gets the job done.  No matter what anyone tells you, there is no right or wrong way to hold your project.  Do what works for you... and have fun!

I will also teach you a foolproof way to make your slip knot, complete with a slow motion view of what I'm doing. I hope that helps!  Let me know what you think of the slow motion clips. I'm curious to hear if they help you or not.  I'd like to know for future videos. So leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts, please.

You'll also learn how to create chain stitches. Chain stitches are the foundation of pretty much every crochet project. This chain is what will hold all the rest of the stitches you make to complete a project. Although it is simple to do this is something you should practice before tackling your first project.  I say that only because you want to get to a point where your chain stitches are even and not too tight or too loose.  Once you have that down you'll be able to move on to the next video in the series where I'll show you two basic crochet stitches that are the basis of a gazillion different projects you can start on right away!

Go get some yarn and a crochet hook and start practicing these two. I'll let you know when Video #3 is ready for ya!

Here is Video #2- How to make a Slip Knot & Chain Stitch

How to Crochet Video Playlist

p.s.- Remember the Craftsy Flash Sale ends tonight! Over 150 online craft classes are on sale. This would be the perfect time to sign up for a few crochet classes that will help elevate your projects now that you are getting started! Check these out...

Happy hooking!
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